• Mobile Devices

  • It doesn't matter WHO broke it... We will fix it!!


    Cracked screens and non-charging devices are the bane of mobile device owner.  We can help you with either problem.  We use 1st quality OEM parts whenever available, are are able to warranty our repairs for a full year. We fix:


    • Cracked Screens - We can replace those fragile Hi-Def displays on tablets, smart phones & music players.
    • Buttons - Home, power, or volume buttons. 
    • Internal Components - Camera, charging port, headphone jack, speaker, or charging port.
    • Screen Protectors - Virtually invisible, and provides an extra layer of protection for your device.
    • Batteries - Cell phone and tablet batteries can be difficult to install.  We happily provide this service for you.
    • Recycling - We can wipe your device, and properly recycle it to provide data protection.

    Our technicians will diagnose the issue first, ensuring that only the parts causing the problem are replaced.  Why pay for parts that you don't need?  Once we have completed the repair, we will test the device before you leave the store, to make sure that everything works as it should.

    Have an old iPhone?  We can show you how to convert it to an iPod, or a mini tablet for your child!