• About Us

  • Chris Rabig - Owner and Technician

    With a degree in Advanced Computer Programming, and 27 years experience, Chris has had a wide reaching career in the IT industry.  From PC's to advanced main frames, and even UNIX servers and workstations, he has the knowledge and experience to tackle any problem you might have.

    An IT contractor in Atlanta from 1990 - 2007, Chris worked on projects for HP, AT&T, Sprint, Sun Microsystems, Encore Systems hotel software, and Per Se' Technologies hospital administration software.  As a contractor for multiple companies, Chris kept abreast of the changing technologies, both hardware and software.

    After moving back to Mobile in late 2007, Chris worked with a local Point of Sale company, servicing area restaurants for two years.  In 2009, he struck out on his own, and opened PC Professionals in a makeshift workshop in his back yard.  After two moves and upgrades, PC Professionals is in it's current location, next to Mobile Lumber, on Hwy 90, just east of Tillman's Corner.

  • Susan James, Technician

    Susan has a long history of working computers and electronics. Childhood tinkering on electronics turned into a self taught study by the age of 15 when tech support agents started taking her advice when she would call for warranty replacement parts for the family computer. Computer repair became a side job for friends and family as she worked to get her bachelor’s degree in computer science. After graduation, Susan became a sub contractor in computer repair and has been in the field, professionally, for 8 years.