• Windows

  • The Windows Operating System from Microsoft is currently the most widely used OS in the world.  Powering about 90% of Personal Computers, it is not likely to lose much of that market share in the near future. Windows OS is a complex, multi-faceted piece of software with many built-in features to assist you in your day to day tasks.  However, with this complexity, comes a multitude of possible problems.  Files get corrupted, features get turned on that you don't want, or turned off that you need.

    Windows is able to update itself on a regular basis, as long as your computer is running and connected to the internet.  Unfortunately, these updates can sometimes be the cause of many issues.  Malformed updates happen due to many circumstances, such as a bad internet connection, or a corruption during download for a large file.  

    We are able to fix these issues and get your machine running the way it is supposed to, again.  Listed below are the most recent versions of Windows from XP forword.


    • Windows XP - Released in August of 2001, Windows XP was the most successful incarnation of the Windows Operating System, and was only permanently retired in April of 2014.  Windows XP came in three varieties - Home, Professional, and Media Center.  If you are still running XP, you are inviting trouble.  Microsoft stopped creating security fixes for XP after it's retirement date, and there are many vulnerablities for hackers to exploit.
    • Windows Vista - Released in January of 2007, Vista was the successor of XP.  Vista experienced many issues upon it's initial release, and by the time Microsoft was able to correct them, the brand had been permanently tarnished.  If you have a fully patched Vista system, it will run well, if a little slowly.  Vista was available in three versions - Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate.  Vista support is due to end in April of 2017.
    • Windows 7 - Released in July of 2009, Windows 7 is the most popular version of Windows in the marketplace now. Fixing the bugs in Windows Vista, and streamlining the OS to run faster, Windows 7 was popular with users from the start.  Windows 7 comes in 4 versions - Starter, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate.  Windows 7 support is due to run until January of 2020.
    • Windows 8/8.1 & RT - The current version of Windows if you buy a brand new computer off the shelf.  Windows 8 was released in August of 2012 to a lackluster reception.  The all new interface, lack of a Start Menu, and general clunkiness to use with a mouse contributed to the lack of acceptance for new users.  Windows RT is very similar to Windows 8, but is designed for phones and tablets.  Windows 8/8.1 support is due to run until January of 2023.
    • Windows 10 - Microsoft's latest and greatest OS.  Due for arrival in Summer of 2015.  Keep tuned here for updates.

    These are just the consumer versions of Windows.  They do not include the different versions of Windows Server.  If you have any questions that we did not answer here, please, feel free to give us a call.